sexta-feira, 4 de maio de 2012

                        The thinker and the parrot.
            Once upon a time a  thinker  was  sleeping  in  its  hammock 
when it happened that a parrot  dropped  by  to  ask him what  was 
that thing he had never seen before.
            _Well, waking up from a sound sleep, the thinker said,what 
is a hammock is a question that makes me remember of Plato.I mean,
at that time, if Plato were to think  of hammocks I think he would first
look for definitions of it. 
            _The  parrot  not  wanting  to  take  too  long to get the answer
 risked some questions  it thought would help him to get the answer
fast:Is it a net? Is it a swing? Is it a web? I think it is a bed? 
            _The thinker said: Well may be you are right may be we should
first  look  for  the definition of a bed just in order to make it clear what
it is a hammock.
            The parrot not wanting to wait for the answer still ads:
            _Does the spider live in a swing or in a bed ? Does the spider
sleep well ? 
            _Ok said the thinker: My little parrot , if you  want  to  know
what is it I tell you it is a hammock but  if  you  want  to  know what
a hammock is you will have to wait till I have it conceived  properly,
since I am a serious thinker and you should have thought twice 
before taking me out of my dreams OK and if you do not want to 
become atoasted bird be quiet while I think and  I'm talking serious.
            _Ok! Ok! Thinker ! go ahead said the parrot. I can wait for a
while for your answer. 
            _ So you  please be patient. Well  let  me  proceed. Well  my
 friend  let's  think  if  there  is  a special reason for hammocks come
into existence? Who has contrieved this  artifact. Where hammocks
first appeared? It is well known that hammocks have first  appeared 
in tropical rain forests. My little parrot think what it would be like to
 be sleeping on the ground and to be awaken in the middle of the night 
in the forest by the rainwater or by the river water coming underneath 
and soaking all of your mattress up.
               Well that would be very uncomfortable wouldn't that? Of course
being you the bird you are you wold not have so much to  worry  about
theese things  since you live in the trees.  Then,  let's  firs  try  to  define
a  hammock  as  an elevated bed to prevent the flood. Yes! that's  it, one
could say. But, anyway, isn't it also a swing? Well in fact it is a swing too. 
            _ Ok! Ok! Said the parrot. I am satisfied with that answer. It
is a swing. Thank you for the answer Sir. I am going now. Bye! Bye! 
            - Wait you little bird! I did not told you can go as yet!
 And yet that it is a swing and you have no hurry since you did not thought
 twice before taking me out of my nap. So ,be patient!
 Let's think again. 
               The Thinker goes on.....
               In the tropical woods it is hot  and  there  are  many  kind  of
 insects as you know. And if you had already gone  through  the
experience of being in a  hammock,  swinging in it,  while you are at
rest, you  would know that one of the  words to  depict  the  feeling you
have in it is "refreshing" , specially if  the  hammock is made meshy and the
weather is hot to the point of making you to sweat.Still, the swinging,
besides refreshing your body,as I was going to say, also prevent some
mosquito bites. So,  one could ask if a hammock is some apparatus to
prevent insect bites or that it is some kind of tropical refresher.Yet after 
that, someone could still say:  It is also good to sleep in it and to swing 
and so on and no definition would  come  through.  Well,   I'd rather to
 say,that a hammock is a bi-pendulous device with many functions and
qualities.  Now I think we have a definition here! A hammock is a 
bi-pendulous device. 
            _Now I understand,said the parrot, it is a bi-pendulous
             _Thank you for the answer. I will try to theory  of that.
  Bye Bye Mister Thinker! Thank you for your answer. 
            _ You stay quiet you little bird! Replied the thinker.Now you 
will have to wait till the end. And do not move till I have  got  to  the 
right answer for the question you  have  asked  me  when  I  was  just 
sleeping you little green  thing.  Let's  continue.  Someone could still
  say " a park swing is a bi pendulous device as well isn't it"...Yes... let's say
 yes... it is;;; right;;; but ... consider that a hammock  has  between  its
 hanging points a greater distance than a park's swing does. Better, the 
spread between  the  hanger  is  at  least  5  times the spread in a park
swing and it is to lay in not to seat. Well I should say at this point that
a hammock is  a kind of bi-pendulous swinging bed built from some
kind  of  extendable  tissue  as  cotton ,  nylon  or  mesh  fiber  in  a
rectangular shape which  lesser sides are gathered together to allow it 
to be gathered and hanged, being the distance between the anchors 
a little smaller than the length of the rectangular tissue what gives it,
 a convex  form , allowing  its  user to lay in  a  webbing,  sustainable  and 
relaxing bedding.
            _ At this time the thinker looked up to the trees just to see the 
parrot sleeping perched one foot. He picks the parrot, lays it in the 
hammock and says : parrot is a bird that is  much more to talk than to
think. Sleep well sweet bird sleep in a refreshing hammock while I rock
this swing  for you , stay away from floods, mosquito bites and have good 
               Note: It is known that indian girls used to born theirs babies 
in hammocks.